Kim Yu-Na: plastic surgery rumors fly after her Olympic win

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Is Kim Yu-Na, South Koren superstar and now Olympic gold medalist, a figure skating Barbie?  Moreover, was she born that way, or has she had (ahem) alterations?

A gold medal is all it took for the Internet to go abuzz with rumors of Kim Yu-Na going under the knife for her great looking bod.

Standing 164 cm tall and weighing 47 kg, Kim’s lower body from waist to the ankle bone measures 96 cm, almost double the length of her torso, which is 50 cm. Fashion stylist Kim Seong-il said, “With normal people, if the ratio of the upper and the lower body is 4.5:5.5, we consider them long-legged. Because of her long legs, Kim’s jumps look bigger and more elegant.”

Fashion stylist Han Hye-yeon said, “Unlike many other athletes, Kim has a slender, flexible body, so she has the natural ‘S’ curve when she’s performing.” Kim So-yeon, an executive at a modeling agency, said, “She has perfect body proportions for a fashion model.”

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