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Obama don't care what the people are thinkin': He ain't drunk, he's just drinkin'

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First he called up Cheney and wished him well after his heart attack. Now Hot Air passes along yet another bit of news that makes me dislike him somewhat less. From The Guardian:

Barack Obama is still struggling to kick smoking, according to his first medical examination since becoming president.

Obama is sensitive about his cigarette habit and tetchy with reporters who raise it. But after his 90-minute medical at the Navy hospital outside Washington yesterday morning, his doctors confirmed he had not yet managed to conquer the habit and suggested he “continue smoking cessation efforts”…

The doctors also recommended “moderation of alcohol intake”.

Bush took a lot of crap for accepting responsibility for his drinking. I’m not going to give Obama crap for this. So the guy likes to get a buzz on every now and then. Who the hell don’t? Sure, okay, when you think about it, in every other picture of him at some dinner or sporting event or something, he’s raising a glass. Well, big deal. His liver, his choice.

And it definitely explains his utterly unfounded self-confidence.

(This is the part where a lesser blogger would make a joke about him needing the hooch just to deal with his home life. But that is completely unacceptable. So I won’t.)

Jim Treacher