A list of where House Democrats who voted against health care last fall stand on Obama’s proposal

Jon Ward Contributor
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A total of 38 House Democrats voted against President Obama’s health care reform last fall. Because of several factors, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may need to get a few of them to switch their votes if Obama hopes to pass a bill in the coming weeks.

The Daily Caller is polling all 38 lawmakers. Here are the ones who have responded so far, and their positions.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 11 undecided and 7 no votes.

Brian Baird (Wash.) – UNDECIDED
John Boccieri (Ohio) UNDECIDED
Dan Boren (Okla.) – NO
Bobby Bright (Ala.) – NO
Rick Boucher (Va.) – UNDECIDED*
Artur Davis (Ala.) – NO
Lary Kissell (N.C.) – NO
Suzanne Kosmas (Fla.) – UNDECIDED*
Frank Kravotil (Md.) – NO (on Senate bill as written)
Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) – NO
Betsy Markey (Colo.) – UNDECIDED
Jim Marshall (Ga.) – LIKELY NO
Jim Matheson (Utah) – UNDECIDED
Michael McMahon (N.Y.) – UNDECIDED*
Scott Murphy (N.Y.) – UNDECIDED*
Glenn Nye (Va.) – UNDECIDED
Mike Ross (Ark.) – NO**
John Tanner (Tenn.) – UNDECIDED
Gene Taylor (Miss.) – NO

*Provided their answer to the Associated Press.
**Responded Monday, March 8.

Jon Ward