Report: Nokia aided in prosecution and arrest of Iranian dissidents

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A new report out of Finland suggests that the country’s corporate poster child, Nokia Siemens, has been involved in some pretty tawdry dealings with Iran, dealings that go beyond the company’s admitted involvement with the Iranian regime.

Journalist Hanna Nikkanen quotes Nokia’s Lauri Kivinen saying that “there’s been this perception internationally that we’ve supplied them [Iran] with internet surveillance equipment, but this is not true. The statement was made on February 20, 2010, but Nikkanen obtained leaked manuals to the equipment in question and concluded, ” The surveillance made possible by the Nokia Lawful Interception Gateway (LIG) extends to mobile internet usage. Either Kivinen was lying or his knowledge of his company’s core competence field isn’t quite adequate.”

Do the deals made in Espoo lead directly to arrests in Tehran?

Full story: How Nokia helped Iran “persecute and arrest” dissidents via Ars Technica