Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix – A Point of Personal Privilege

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Craig Crawford is leaving MSNBC. The long-time analyst posted a short blurb on his “Trail Mix” blog at CQ Politics.

For those who might be interested – and you have every reason not to be – I am no longer with MSNBC. Three months short of my current contract I sent the following to the boss, Phil Griffin: “Phil, Just wanted to give you the heads up that my situation with MSNBC has become so unrewarding for me that I’ve decided to move on. — Craig”

But – as Inside Cable News notes – Crawford’s choice explanations are buried in the comments section:

Can’t tell ya how hard this choice was to make. I’ve had a difficult time with MSNBC since the presidential primaries, should have pulled the trigger long ago. but my scotch-irish blood keeps me loyal long past the bitter end, which has long past, sadly.

i simply could not any longer endure being a cartoon player for lefty games, just gotta move on to higher ground even if there’s no oxygen

As for his future endeavors, Crawford said he’s going to “play the field for a while and see what shakes. i’m a free agent now, by choice.”

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