Air hostess fetish a growing trend for Japanese sex club patrons

interns Contributor
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America’s golden age—that is, its sexy stewardess era—of aviation might be over, but Asian airlines still uphold a reputation for hiring beautiful female flight attendants. Over in Japan, Japan Airlines is struggling to curb the smuggling of flight attendant uniforms to the country’s sex clubs. Since announcing bankruptcy in January, JAL has worked to prevent former employees (among others) from selling their uniforms to the black market, which drop major bank for outfits that come with a Polaroid of their previous owner.

According to Joan Sinclair, a photographer who documented Japan’s sex clubs, there’s a venue in Osaka called Air Touch, which caters entirely to the flight attendant fetish. After choosing between business and first class, customers sit back while sex workers make “in-flight” announcements, serve them drinks and snacks, and help them buckle their seat belts… among other things.

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