NBC denies adding laugh track for Sarah Palin

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NBC is denying a report that “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” boosted apparent audience enthusiasm for Sarah Palin’s appearance by using a laugh track.

A report from liberal site Daily Kos is getting plenty of pickup saying the response of the live audience to Palin’s jokes was entirely unlike what NBC aired. Written by a member of the audience claiming to be a sound engineer, here’s the relevant portion:

They added laughter where there was none during uncomfortable portions. Well, there was some laughter. Mine, of derision. During those pregnant pauses in her performance I was laughing long and loud, couldn’t help myself as much of what she was saying was utterly surreal, ridiculous, hypocritical – nonsense, spewed platitudes, pushed buttons. I was seriously thinking of leaving as it was getting hysterically unfunny.

After sitting through the taping of the show in the studio I can recount many portions where there was little or no laughter or response, but at the later broadcast they are smoothed over with applause and laughter that WERE NOT THERE at the taping. Groans, hoots, grumbling, or just dead silence – all missing.

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