Buzz Aldrin prepares for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debut

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Buzz Aldrin, 80-year-old veteran of the first moon landing by Apollo 11, is facing a much more down-to-Earth challenge as a contestant on the new season of TV’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Aldrin – the second man to step foot on the moon – will be one of 11 contestants who pair up with professional dancers to compete in the series’ weekly dance-offs. The former astronaut says he was never a big dancer, so has a lot of catching up to do.

“I’m not known for that agility,” Aldrin told “I’m one of those people who need continued exposure. Whether it’s flying a spacecraft or trying something out on the dance floor, it takes a while to really get comfortable with it.”

Aldrin has already started learning his dance for the premiere episode to air March 22 – the cha-cha. And he is working on the next week’s dance, the foxtrot, with his dance partner Ashly DelGrosso-Costa.

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