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Elsewhere at the Daily Caller, 3/9/10

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There’s been a lot of talk about the ObamaCare “nuclear option.” But reconciliation is just a dirty bomb. The real nuke is…

There have been plenty of boobs in the New York governor’s office lately. Why not a couple more? Some money shots quotes from former “Manhattan Madam,” Spitzer bête noire, and NY gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis:

People ask me how I could be governor. I say, how could I do any worse than the clowns we have in Albany now? I mean — Spitzer, Paterson, Silver, Monseratte, Hevesi?

Please! Incompetent clowns! Buffoons. Hacks. Bottom-feeders. These guys couldn’t hold a real job where you have to make a profit.


By the way, do you think Tucker Carlson would consider running for lieutenant governor?

You might think that the lawyer of a guy who shot and killed 14 people might be a bit circumspect about complying with a gag order. You would be wrong. And also, indisputably, racist.

Remember former PA Rep. Melissa Hart’s abandoned car? She’s got it covered. With dust.

Florida Governor (and fading senatorial candidate) Charlie Crist says he gets his hair cut by a guy named Carl the Barber. With a name like that, it would seem that Carl’s career path was set from birth. Oh, and Crist also might be implying that Marco Rubio is… what, a sissy? That’s a fight Crist wants to have, apparently.

Jon Ward classes up the joint at MSNBC.

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