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Please, please, please just let Howard Dean keep talking

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From the Liveshots blog at Fox News:

Hundreds of pro-health care reform advocates gathered at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC Tuesday morning to protest deadlock on the current state of the bill on Capitol Hill.

Howard Dean, the former Governor of Vermont and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, told the crowd, “We deserve a vote! Are you for the insurance companies or are you for the American people?”

That’s right, folks: If you work for an insurance company, you are neither an American nor a person.

The protesters are now marching to the Dupont Ritz-Carlton where they plan to “surround and blockade the hotel, go inside and arrest lobbyists for their crimes against healthcare.”

That sounds like a great idea. That’s how you’re going to win the rest of us over. Please do that.


So far there have been no arrests or physical confrontations with the police, but the crowd has been chanting and playing drums.

Louder. Louder! How can we tell you’re serious if we can’t hear the drums?

Jim Treacher