John Edwards’ ex-aide Andrew Young faces jail time over sex tape

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Andrew Young, the ex-aide to former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, and his wife were given until Friday to produce the purported sex tape that they have in their possession. Judge Abraham Penn Jones said that if the tape was not turned over by then, the couple would face contempt of court and could spend 75 days in jail.

John Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, has been faced with a sex scandal that has rocked the country. The alleged sex tape involves both Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter. Hunter is also a former campaign worker, who shot videos for Edwards’ failed 2008 presidential bid, and the mother of the former North Carolina senator’s love child. Due to the affair, Elizabeth Edwards has separated from and intends to divorce her husband. Mrs. Edwards is currently battling incurable breast cancer.

Young is the author of the book on John Edwards, “The Politician,” which details the rise and fall of one of the Democratic Party’s most promising politicians. The book goes into great detail, describing the affair between Edwards and Hunter, which has become a national media firestorm.

Full story: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/John_Edwards_Scandal/john-edwards-sex-tape/story?id=10050192