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That pro-Obamacare rally in DC yesterday was even better than I thought

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It had drum circles. It had aging hippies threatening to arrest insurance executives. It even had Howard Dean. But wait, there’s more! According to our own Aleks Kulczuga, it also had these fine folks:

“I think they should just shove it through and f*** the Republicans,” said protester Dana Dallabetta, a 54-year-old breast-cancer survivor from New York City who said she lost her health insurance after missing one payment on her COBRA plan…

Protesters rushed the Ritz Carlton, calling for the heads of health-care executives. “The criminals are inside!” yelled the agitated crowd, waving “wanted” posters bearing images of the CEOs. They covered the front of the building in crime scene tape as Metro police stood shoulder-to-shoulder warily eying those chanting, “Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, insurance companies have got to go!”

“This is like the good old days,” said one attendee who lamented that two previous protests this year were small, ineffective affairs…

“Republicans are hypocrites. Where were all these people screaming about the deficit when we went into Iraq? It’s all those talking heads on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh who are feeding these people. Republicans don’t want to hear that Clinton handed him a balanced budget, they don’t want to listen to logic, they just listen to talking heads on Fox News, it’s hard to have a really intelligent conversation with a Republican,” said Dallabetta.

“If Republicans really cared about their children, they would all be vegans…”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally convinced now. It might’ve helped if one or two of them had managed to get arrested, but hey, they tried.

P.S. And there’s video.

Jim Treacher