Liquor Control: Just a buncha mugs?

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Just as Philadelphia citizens were giving thoughtful consideration to the ramifications of a proposed tax on sugary sodas (and by “thoughtful consideration,” we mean near-hysterical ranting and raving), another intrusion into our beverages of choice was detailed in reports in the Daily News about the heavy-handed raids last week by armed State Police officers of bars selling boutique beer.

Someone dropped a dime on three bars capitalizing on the microbrewing, odd-name, (bottle of Moose Drool, anyone?) boutique-beer trend, for allegedly selling beer not registered in Pennsylvania. Police confiscated hundreds of bottles of beer and four kegs.

Bar owners say half the inventory was confiscated wrongly; the beers were taken not because they were about to lead to the destruction of Western civilization, but because the list that cops used to check for registered names was outdated and confusing.

Full story: Liquor Control: Just a buncha mugs? | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/10/2010