Crazy FBI caller found guilty of being crazy, threatening to shoot up FBI

Mike Riggs Contributor
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From Ryan J. Reilly at Main Justice:

A man who threatened to blow up the J. Edger Hoover FBI building in Washington D.C. as well as CIA and the Justice Department building, was found guilty of sending a threatening communication in interstate commerce on Thursday.

Jeff Henry Williamson, 45, of Jackson, Miss., left voicemail messages at a U.S. Attorney’s Office claiming he was being harassed by the government and would shoot up the office with a submachine gun if it continued. He also sent e-mail messages to the Department of Justice Inspector General Glenn A. Fine and the House Select Intelligence Committee about his plan to blow up FBI, CIA and DOJ buildings in the Washington, D.C. area.

Before being arrested, Williamson wrote on his website:

“Several times a week the pyschopath intelligence agents seek to attempt to frame me such as a drug user by placing drug paraphernalia in my hotel rooms; attempting to portray me as a drug dealer sending morons to ask for a cigarette or change while video taping; staging computer crimes at the library; sending underage teenage girls and a wide rage of dirty government tricks,”