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Elsewhere at the Daily Caller, 3/12/10

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Jon Ward grills Karl Rove. Not literally. Sorry, lefties.

S.E. Cupp takes you on a tour through Crazytown. Is she a visitor, or a lifelong resident? I’d speculate, but she owns guns.

House Democrats appear set to pass Senate bill without voting on it. Did you know this is the United States of America?

I like Eye Street. I’m going to keep pushing Eye Street until you start checking out Eye Street without needing me to prompt you about Eye Street.


Johnny Weir: Too gay for figure skating? Apparently. Stars on Ice has banned him for not being “family friendly.” If you take your family to see figure skating, aren’t they going to find out sooner or later that some of the boy skaters don’t really like the girl skaters that way?

Obama wants to double U.S. exports over the next 5 years. Do emigrants count as exports?

Say what you want about PETA, but they’re really good at getting attractive women to show off the body parts you want to see. Assuming you’re not Johnny Weir.

Mexican military chopper violates U.S. airspace, hovers over neighborhood. This is news because apparently Mexico has both a military and a helicopter.

Jim Treacher