Round 1 of PETA’s search for the Sexiest Vegetarian ends March 12

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Do you have big breasts and nice thighs? Do you hate people eating chicken breasts and thighs? Then PETA wants to hear from you. Well, they’d like to see you, really.

Today is final day to submit your photo for round 1 of PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door‘ contest, which ends at 12pm EST. While not everyone can be the girl next door, everyone can vote in the first round. As of this writing, Marie from Bonita Springs, FL., is in the lead with 39,124 votes, which makes sense. Ms. Marie bares her boobs learned and wise words right on the voting page: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Other gems include:

Elisa, who “as a compassionate person, [tries] to lead by example, educate as many people as possible about the suffering of animals and show them how easy it is to be Veg.”

Nicole Angela from Rego Park, NY, who wants “to help PETA make a change and promote the protection and well-being of all animals.”
And Mallory from Brooklyn, who, while being “a zany vegan metalsmith who loves making things and staying punk” doesn’t appear to have any votes of confidence.

Call the contest what you’d like, just don’t call it sexist. As the Denver Westward notes:

Over in the men’s corner, vegan T-shirt clad Emilio from Puerto Rico, who describes himself as a “vegetarian for 9 years, vegan for 2 years, activist for life,” is out in front with 3,018 votes.

Winners will “receive a fabulous trip for two to Maui including round-trip airfare and beautiful accommodations for seven nights, courtesy of your own private travel provider.” Swim with the dolphins at your own risk though. PETA might blast your attempt at cross-mammalian co-existence with a historically significant poster.

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