Hoyer defends ‘Slaughter solution’

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Jon Ward reports from the Hill:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was on the defensive about the Democrats’ likely use of the “Slaughter solution” during an off-camera session with reporters this morning at the Capitol.

“We talk a lot about process in this town. We are seized of the process issue. Very frankly, the family that I mentioned the other day, whose premiums went up 60 percent, they’re not focused on process, they’re focused on results, on change, on substance, on what does this mean to them,” Hoyer said.

“’So what,’ says the American public. What they’re interested in: ‘What resulted? What did you do for me and my family to make my life more secure, better, of greater quality?'” Hoyer said.

When asked why Democrats won’t just “play it straight” by ABC reporter Jon Karl, Hoyer got testy.

“We’re playing it straight. I don’t accept your premise. We’re playing it straight,” Hoyer said.

“We’re gonna vote on a bill and on a rule which will provide for the result that, if a majority are for it, will adopt a bill, the senate bill,” Hoyer said. “We will vote on it in one form or another.”