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You win this round, Labash

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Matt Labash has a sporadically updated column in which readers ask him questions. It’s called “Ask Matt Labash.” He thought of the title all by himself. The latest edition is here.

Normally I respond to a new Labash column by trying to undercut him and steal his thunder with my own “Ask Jim Treacher.” Fortunately for him, I have chosen to take pity on him this week. Any questions you were planning to ask me, ask him instead. In fact, just to make sure you do as you’re told, I’m turning off the comments. Ha! (Change my name to his name in your question, unless you want to remind him of my magnanimity and largesse.)

Not to mention that I’m having trouble updating this blog in the first place, because I’m working from home and I stupidly left my Macbook charger at the office yesterday. I’m typing this on a slow, cruddy little netbook that is going out the window if it keeps irritating me. You hear me, netbook? Out the window. Damn you!

Go read Labash. He talks about Charlie. Charlie is a good boy. Yes he is. Then buy his book. Labash’s book, not Charlie’s. Charlie hasn’t written a book because he is a dog.

Jim Treacher