Democrats refuse to be ‘hilarious’ until Senate reconciles health care

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Rep. John Conyers, whose wife is fighting bribery charges with the help of a public defender, is not “going to be hilarious” if the House passes the health-care bill. In fact, the House Judiciary committee chairman doesn’t want anyone to celebrate the passage of the bill–not even Pres. Obama, who looks like he could use a break–until the Senate lives up to its end of the bargain. “We have to be reasonable about this because there are a number of us in the progressive camp who want some improvements to the measure,” Conyers said.

Even Rep. Anthony “We don’t need know no stinking inside voices” Weiner is cautious about celebrating. “The last thing you want to do is gum up the works by doing something dramatic,” Weiner said without irony, despite the fact that he literally cannot open his mouth without yelling something dramatic. The big test, should the House ‘Slaughter’ the health-care bill, will be one of the Senate’s trustworthiness.