Kucinich: Air Force One romancing won me over

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Gautham Nagesh files from Kucinich’s recent presser:

Speaking in a cramped Capitol studio packed with reporters, Kucinich attempted to explain how his reversal on the necessity of the public option was not a capitulation to White House pressure despite all appearances to the contrary. He said President Obama underscored the urgency of the moment during their trip to Ohio on Air Force One last week, leading him to realize that he would have to set aside his personal views on the bill and support the president’s agenda.


When asked specifically how the White House managed to change his mind, Kucinich suggested it was a personal appeal from the President during their previous White House meeting that first made him sympathetic towards the Obama’s position. He denied getting and side-benefits or pet projects like the “Cornhusker Kickback” that was included in a previous version of the bill.