Space out! Why daydreaming is so important

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Put the cell phone down, drop the Blackberry, cease the nonstop tweeting. All you attention-deficit types think that your multitasking is somehow proving your irreplaceable worth to the world.

You’re making yourself stupid. Or at the very least, you’re affecting your memory.

That is the implication of a new study tracking the brain’s ability to form memories by New York University neuro-scientists. In the study, test subjects who allowed their minds to “rest” after viewing pairs of images were better able to recall the pairs later.

“Our data suggests that if you are not allowing yourself, not giving yourself a break, it is costly,” explained Lila Davachi, assistant professor of NYU’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neuroscience. “It’s possible you are hindering your brain’s ability to consolidate memories and experiences.” The study was authored by Arielle Tambini under the direction of Davachi.

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