Could Social Security be next?

Mike Riggs Contributor
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In what is likely a false sign that Washington is not completely full of idiots, the NYT reports that Democrats may very well turn their sights on reforming Social Security to make it less of a waste for people under whatever age you have to be this week to qualify for robbing your grandchildren, some of whom are still paying back their student loans.

“While its looming problems are not of the scale of those afflicting Medicare, [Social Security] now stands as the likeliest source of the sort of large savings needed to bring projected annual deficits to sustainable levels, many budget analysts agree.” Standing apart from the budget analysts are liberals who argue “that the program does not face an imminent crisis” and that we will all be young forever. Congress watchers speculate that Speaker Pelosi will no doubt be reluctant to tackle something as inhumane and illiberal as paying AARP members less to shut up and play shuffleboard, and that even the White House is divided between economic advisors who believe in long-term economic health and efficiency and political advisors who believe in winning the next election.