Ford replaces Crown Victoria police car with high-tech cruiser

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The Ford Crown Victoria police car, which for nearly three decades has been the star of high-speed chases and an unwelcome sight in rearview mirrors, is being phased out.

Ford unveiled its new patrol car, the Police Interceptor, at an event Friday at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway attended by fleet buyers and law enforcement officials.

The new car was designed to be faster, safer and stronger, and will come packed with advanced technology.

But for some at the unveiling, it was a nostalgic occasion.

“I’m sad to see the Crown Vic go,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Rob Robinson, who has been on the force for 27 years.

For the last 10 years he’s been a driving instructor for the department.

“Everybody knows that car, how to drive it and how to work on it. And the new car is, in a lot of ways, superior, and I’m excited about it.

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