White House to hold ‘elaborate ceremony’

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Poor sick people who allowed themselves to be used as stock images in an unholy war against fiscal sensibility, will join Pres. Barack Obama today for a delightful signing ceremony in the East Room of the White House, the AP reports.

Afterward, the cancer survivors and gout complainers and chronic pink-eye sufferers, their 15-minute-o-fame tokens deposited in the gigantic piggy bank beneath the White House, will go back to their hometowns in the real America, where there is still not a cure for everything and where they will still have to sign in and take a seat and wait for someone to call their names. If they are lucky, they will then be able to relive that sense of importance when the president travels to Iowa and other Important Places and cites their ailments to make a point. Unless, of course, they are sitting in one of those emergency rooms/clinics that doesn’t have a television. Because nowhere in the health-care bill did Obama promise us televisions.