Kirsten Gillibrand holds the most untouchable seat in the Senate

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Maybe this is an exaggeration on our part? We don’t know. The woman is untouchable!

Ex-Bush admin official Dan Senor (R) will not run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), becoming the latest GOPer to turn down the opportunity to take on the appointed Dem.

Senor is the latest in a long, and growing, line of possible GOP candidates who have publicly considered challenging Gillibrand only to eventually take a pass. Prominent GOPers like Rep.Peter King and ex-Rep. Susan Molinari

took a pass, and even publisher Mort Zuckerman considered the race before saying no.

Dems, too, have considered challenging Gillibrand. Ex-Rep. Harold Ford and Reps. Steve Israel and Carolyn Maloney all considered running against the upstate incumbent before backing off.

This one’s for you, senator: