Republicans still not completely clear about what they think they want to do about health care

Mike Riggs Contributor
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“If politics were war,” writes the Daily Caller’s Jon Ward, “Republicans would have just been lured from their walled city to chase a force they thought was retreating, only to find Democrats suddenly turning and attacking them head-on.”

Yesterday’s signing of the health care bill not only reinvigorated Beltway lefties, many of whom made themselves absolutely unbearable for several hours on Tuesday, but it also provided Democrats with the momentum necessary to take back their message, which they then dressed in the rags belonging to the Least of These, and unleashed upon an unsuspecting crowd of heartless Republicans.

“[I]f people want to campaign on taking tax cuts away from small businesses, taking assistance away from seniors getting prescription drugs, and want to take away a mother knowing that their child can’t be discriminated against by an insurance company … we’ll have a robust campaign on that,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Now, the GOP is scrambling for the appropriate response: Repeal? Replace the parts we don’t like? Repeal and replace? No one seems to know. Not even Rep. John Boehner, who skipped an opportunity yesterday to yell “HELL NO” in order to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.