Celebrate human achievement hour

Nick R. Brown Contributor
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For the last three years, the World Wildlife Fund has sponsored an event called Earth Hour. Earth Hour is an event in which individuals are asked to turn off all their power in celebration of the history of cavemen. They secretly worship Gaia and enjoy having a martyr complex while sitting in the dark while they have conversations about feet.

Because of that aspect of the celebration, one may believe that it is perfectly acceptable to build a fire in your house for light and warmth during the hour-long celebration. When in fact this produces carbon emissions increasing your giant hairy cave man footprint on humanity. Therefore the actual objective of Earth Hour is for individuals to sit in dark cold places and yearn for the advancements of modern civilization for a 60-minute period.

That honestly sounds pretty miserable to me. So instead, I encourage you to join me in celebration of human achievement this Saturday at 8:30pm local. Human Achievement Hour (or HAH!) is an event established by Michelle Minton at the Competitive Enterprise Institute last year. And because it is such a great human achievement itself, it’s being celebrated once again from here and across the world. Even down under in Australia, Senator Cory Bernardi is encouraging people to celebrate “the incredible accomplishments of the human race.” Going on to say, “Don’t be stuck in the dark with the communists.”

So this Saturday at 8:30 local time, take a minute to consider all the wonderful inventions and conveniences you have in your life. Turn on some lights, warm up some food, call your mom, or play some Xbox. You could even come back here and read some articles on The Daily Caller and we can all celebrate together.

Nick R. Brown is a technology policy consultant and political blogger. He has served at non-profits of varying focus across the South as well as Washington, D.C., and Australia. He holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Askew School at The Florida State University. Mr. Brown is the founder of the political commentary Web site thelobbyist.net and currently is a research associate and content manager for the D.C.-based technology think tank, Digital Society.