You Betcha: Palin adds her voice to the McCain campaign

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Sarah Palin is a GOP heavy hitter on the campaign trail and has been called in across the country to give life to conservative candidate’s campaigns, including for her former running mate, John McCain.

McCain, while not behind in the polls, is facing a tough primary challenge in Arizona and has consequently called in the big guns to help him out. Palin carries weight with the national Tea Party movements, who have agreed not to challenge McCain in his primary, and also has the ability to draw out financial support from her followers.

Palin had the crowed cheering when she defended the Tea Party activists and condemned the recent attacks on the movement:

“the news reports lately, have kind of this ginned up controversy about us conservatives inciting violence because we happen to oppose things in the Obama administration.

Man Shouted: we do it with our vote.

“Amen, brother. that’s what you do it with, you do it with your vote. you got it right. we know violence isn’t the answer. when we take up our arms we are talking about our vote.”

She echoed the condemnation of recent violence and noted that the Tea Party activists were a peaceful group determined to enact change through the promotion of ‘common sense conservative principles’ and that John McCain was the candidate to do it.

“For the sake of your state, send the Maverick back to the US senate”

Palin’s speech resonated with the citizens at the rally, with her largest applause’s coming when she chided herself, and took punches at the Democratic leadership in Washington.

“by the way, i see today that Fidel Castro likes Obama-care, but we don’t like Obama-care. Doesn’t that kind of tell you something?”

In their first campaign event since the 2008 election, it was very apparent that the main attraction of the rally was Sarah Palin herself.  As the darling of the Tea Party movement, she draws the crowds needed to jump start the McCain election campaign and push him higher in the polls.