D.C. police are the worst drivers ever

Mike Riggs Contributor
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This OMG comes courtesy of the Washington Examiner’s Michael Neibauer:

In fiscal 2009, according to D.C. statistics, District police employees sideswiped vehicles in parking lots, reversed into numerous “fixed objects,” and opened their doors into traffic. They passed and backed up without caution, failed to control speed to avoid colliding, made unsafe U-turns, followed too close, drove on sidewalks, changed lanes without caution, and ran red lights.

At least three failed to place their cars in park. One failed to “pay full time and attention” as he operated his Segway.

The traffic violations committed by police are “things we should all know better” not to do, said John Townsend, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman.

“These guys are sometimes the worst drivers out there,” Townsend said. “It’s almost like they’re teenagers — overconfident in their ability to drive. They take defensive driving courses, but they probably should take more of them.”