Tea Party isn’t steeping violence

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For the record, let me state I oppose any violent reaction to the passage of HR 3590. There is no problem we cannot solve together by peaceful means once we vote out the impediments known as incumbents.

To Congress and the media, speak truthfully without manipulative agendas and you wouldn’t get the American electorate so upset. Don’t act shocked when someone goes ballistic. We willingly die for the freedom of others, what do you think we are capable of when it comes to keeping our own?

For those of you who still don’t get it, on March 22, 2010, Congress and the president signed a document that states they now have the power to make you buy something and you cannot refuse.

Your refusal may not only cost you from $600 to $2,000 but it may also cost you a stint in jail with the others who have committed crimes. Your government wants to throw you in jail if you do not BUY something. I’m actually surprised more American’s aren’t enraged.

To those of you who still don’t understand the Tea Party Movement, it is not about Obama and his health care, they are pieces in a complex puzzle. We are not hateful racist, fear-mongers; that is what the media wants you to believe we are.

We are citizens who finally realized our government reeks of arrogance, corruption and waste. Its foul odor spilled over into private areas of our lives and it woke us up. Our awakening was like listening to the water in the toilet constantly running. Yeah the sound was annoying but we didn’t feel like fixing it so we’d jiggle the handle and move on. One day, we notice the toilet was no longer draining and a cesspool had now overtaken our personal space. Well damn, maybe we should have done something to fix that.

Tea Party Patriots are aware Bush was part of that annoying smell. When he started that first bailout package, we sat up a little more concerned over that faint smell wafting in from the other room. What we failed to notice was the toilet had clogged. Then Obama came into office and many thought a fresh breeze would clear the air. Then Congress passed another one of those big money packages. We noticed the smell getting worse, and – what the hell is that glug, glug sound? Unfortunately it wasn’t until the sludge started mucking up the floor we realized the cesspool needed to be drained before the entire house reeked and needed to be torn down.

Understand, we want lower insurance premiums. We want affordable health care. We want every American to be happy, to live out his dreams in good health and comfort but not at the cost of our freedom. No government entitlement is worth handing over to someone else any measure of our freedom.

The government already has control of banking, the automobile industry, corporate salaries and now health care. What’s next America? When will the rest of you join us in stopping the sludge of government from enveloping every nook and cranny of our lives? They are eyeing what kind of food we can eat, whether fast food restaurants will be allowed in our neighborhoods, how many jumping-jacks our children do at school, what’s on your radio, where you get your news, where citizens can smoke. Let me be clear, we must defend our neighbor’s right to his smoking habit if we want to retain our right to our fat laden cheeseburgers. I’ll fight for you and you fight for me, that’s what neighbors/countrymen do. Government has their putrid foot in the door, we are struggling to close it. We need you to help us put pressure on the door and keep ever expanding government out of our lives.

We’re letting rich, power hungry Congressman turn us against each other so THEY can remain in power and get richer. 536 people are manipulating us like puppets (let’s not forget the president). I know I feel the fool lately for allowing it.

Congress cares about us when it’s – well, like now – close to an election cycle. They don’t really care about us. They proved that when they voted against the majority of Americans who were screaming NO to health care reform. They proved it again when they turned on the water in California to win a vote but wouldn’t turn it on to put food on the table for children. We can’t get angry at them, it’s really our fault they think so highly of themselves. After all, we keep voting them back in time after time. They truly believe they know what is best for everyone and will ignore all to implement their power over us.

Don’t think for a minute the Republican Party is safe come November. We know whose butts where in what seats when the big spending was going on and the over reaching into our lives increased. We aren’t sheep who follow blindly a party. We follow principles like: America is Great; honesty is important; family is sacred; I work hard for what I have, I will share it if I want; and the Government works for me, I do not work for it. We want our next Congress to be full of individuals, regardless of party, who at least have principles.

Don’t we all agree the less the government interferes with our lives the happier we are? What irritates you more, the fact someone just dumped a half cup of salt on their fries or the check you just wrote to the IRS; or the thousands of dollars you pay in every quarter for having employees? I want the federal government to maintain a strong military, protect against foreign invaders, protect the borders, keep public transportation safe and maintain food safety. Other than that it’s up to me, my family, my neighbors, my town, my county and my state; in that order. The last entity that should have any say in what any of us do is the Federal Government. America was started because the Colonists were tired of England pushing them around and taxing them for every thing. Do we want to return to this form of government?

You’re OK with the government telling you you must purchase health insurance?

We need to join together as one nation whose only desire is to retain the freedoms our great-grandparents had and to keep us free from a government that has forgotten its place.

Opposition to the Tea Party movement often asks “what do you want to take your government back from”. Simply, we want to take our government out of the hands of people who would rule over us rather than be one of us.

Cindy Stickline-Rose is a former law clerk and office manager, as well as a mother of five children, one of which suffers from cerebral palsy.