Lack of special election for Massa seat probably won’t hurt GOP

Mike Riggs Contributor
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The NY House seat left open by Rep. Eric Snorkel Massa will not be filled by a special election, Gov. David Paterson said today.

“That’s a blow to the GOP, which saw the Corning-based district as its best chance to win a special election before the Nov. midterms,” Hotline on Call wrote earlier today. But really, nothing is going to hurt the GOP in the 29th. As Hotline notes, “The party has a 46K voter registration edge over Dems, according to statistics compiled by the NY Board of Elections.” Sure, Massa beat GOP incumbent Rep. Randy Kuhl in 2008, but by a slim margin (51%-49%).

What Hotline also leaves out is that when Kuhl beat Massa in 2006, he did so despite allegations from Kuhl’s ex-wife that he liked to resolve their marital disputes by breaking out the ole shotgun.

So long as NY Republicans stick with milquetoast mayor Tom Reed, no NY Democrat has much of a chance in the 29th.