S.E. Cupp’s Diary: O shows the right a little love

S.E. Cupp Contributor
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I slept on my pullout sofa the other night, just to mix things up. It was fun—felt like a vacation from my bed. It’s taking every ounce of energy I have not to surgically examine the fact that the only kind of getaway I can manage these days is one in which I travel a mere 17 feet and it’s over in about six hours.

I did MSNBC this week with David Schuster, but he was in D.C. and I was in the Rockefeller Center studios, so I didn’t get to ask him if he misses his Twitter privileges. But I did see Matt Lauer and Dateline’s Chris Hansen (a guy who probably knows more pedophiles than NAMBLA), and I’m not embarrassed to say those are two good-looking dudes. You completely get why they’re in front of the camera, as opposed to, say, Michael Moore. Or Josh Hartnett (what is that about?)

Speaking of anchors, I really dislike the new trend among certain news show hosts where they seemingly devote a third of their program to talking about themselves, or talking about other people talking about them, showing clips of themselves being talked about on other shows, and laughing at late-night parodies of themselves. I won’t name names, but, I mean, it isn’t all about you. Get a diary or something.

So, back to me. I did the Joey Reynolds radio show the other night and they had me on with a bunch of comedians, one of whom hilariously kept referring to Avatar as “Avatard.” It’s so simple, I can’t believe Glenn Beck didn’t think of this already.

Obama announced he’s now for off-shore drilling and nuclear energy. And just a few weeks ago he tried to tell us that the Tea Partiers’ anger is the same anger that got him elected. As he quickly tries to reposition himself as a moderate before the midterm elections, expect the president to throw a few more bones to the right, like:

  1. He’ll finally call Beck’s red phone.
  2. He’ll refer to Biden as “totally gaffetastic” at an upcoming press conference.
  3. He’ll only begrudgingly and halfheartedly embrace the next reviled world dictator he meets.
  4. He’ll sign another executive order ensuring that another conservative initiative only actually “means something” the same way “sex addiction” actually “means something.”
  5. He’ll go tanning with Boehner.
  6. He’ll answer Bret Baier’s questions.
  7. He’ll start stockpiling guns before he bans them all.
  8. He’ll make a cameo at the next RNC fundraiser, which I believe is being held in Charlie Sheen’s basement.

How did I not know about the guy who got his finger chewed off by a liberal protester at a health care rally in California?! Cry me a river, Stupak. At least you still got all your digits, dude.

In need of an emetic? May I suggest the new E! reality series “Pretty Wild,” the visual ipecac that I caught in pieces over the weekend. It centers on a former Playboy model and her three “pretty wild” daughters. Mom’s had so much Botox she looks like she could have been in the “Black Hole Sun” video, and her daughters look about seven years too young to be modeling trashy lingerie, but this isn’t the worst part. She home-schools the girls, and bases her entire curriculum on the movie “The Secret.” They chant, they smudge, and she has her daughters identify their role models—from fashion magazines. Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie is high on their list.

The other night I went to Nancy Whiskey, possibly the best bar in New York City for its kickass jukebox alone, with Bill Schulz and some of our buddies. It’s the only bar in Manhattan to have a bank shuffleboard table, and they’ve got a bitchin’ bartender who’ll cut the sound if you play Britney Spears. It’s a total dive, with cheap beer and graffitied bathrooms, but on the rare occasion I go out, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

I finally listened to Spoon’s new album, Transference, out for a few months now, and it does not disappoint. I’m also eagerly waiting for Ryan Adams’s new metal-inspired album, Orion, to drop and wishing I had more time to listen to new music. I’m open to recommendations…

S.E. Cupp is co-author of “Why You’re Wrong About The Right,” (Simon & Schuster, June 2008). Her second book, “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity“ comes out in April 2010. She is a columnist for the New York Daily News and a regular guest on “Hannity,” “Larry King Live,” “Fox & Friends,” “Geraldo,” “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld,” and others.