DC Trawler

ATTN: Michael Steele’s press office

I’m not sure you really thought through his statement on the latest unemployment numbers (emphasis mine):

“No matter what spin the White House puts on these job numbers, it is unacceptable for President Obama to declare economic success when unemployment remains at 9.7 percent and a large portion of the job growth came from temporary boost in government employment. As Democrats grow Big Government, Americans grow weary of the strain on family budgets, job security and peace of mind. As America’s employers announce the frightening and immediate impact of the Democrat government-run healthcare experiment on their balance sheets, American workers wonder why the only place exempt from increasingly painful belt-tightening seems to be Washington, D.C. In November, the American voters will deliver a few more pink slips – to Congressional Democrats.”

Whether you agree with Steele about this or not — and I do — is this really the week for him to be talking about “belt-tightening”? Hey Mike, you forgot about enforcing “discipline” to free ourselves from the “bondage” of unemployment. (Would a “whipping the economy into shape” joke somehow be construed as racist? Wait, never mind, he’s a Republican.)