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It’s Friday, so it must be time for another boring knee update

My messed-up left knee continues to improve. I was able to bend it to 102 degrees on my own last Wednesday, and I rode on a stationary bike for a few minutes. My right leg did all the pushing and pulling, but the left leg was able to flex and straighten enough to keep going. So that was new.

Sometimes I get frustrated with how long it’s taking me to recover. But that doesn’t do any good, so eventually I get over it.

The incision is healing up:

Warning: Slightly Graphic.

Click this for a whole lotta Not Good.

Believe it or not, I’m told this looks pretty good for this kind of injury after 8 weeks. Oh man… I just realized that 8 weeks before I got hit, I had no idea this job even existed.

In other news, I have a miserable cold. Some folks point to the duckbilled platypus as evidence of God’s sense of humor, but that’s nothing compared to the human sinuses. That’s where the evil demon virus has settled in, after stops at the throat, lungs, and every muscle in my body. If you’ve never sneezed while walking on crutches, consider yourself lucky.

So that’s my whine for the week. What’s wrong with you, then?