Rod Blagojevich running for office again?

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America shed a tear for Governor Rod Blagojevich last night when he was plucked out of Donald Trump’s recession nightmare The Celebrity Apprentice for courageously defending Bret Michaels’ work ethic. But Blago only gave the nation about 12 hours to mope before he was back on TV announcing his triumphant return to public office, which is a bold declaration to make when you’ve been banned for life from serving in your home state.

It took about two seconds after Trump said the magic words “you’re fired” for Blagojevich’s publicist Glenn Selig to tweet out the message that the governor was giving Today a visit this morning. And while he kept the poetry in his pocket, Blago delivered one of his most subdued yet classic TV performances yet. Matt Lauer and company praised Blagojevich for coming off as more likable than the average disgraced politician (though, who is he competing against, John Edwards?), and asked him a few questions about his relationship with Trump. “For the first time in my life,” he noted, “I can say I like the guy who fired me.”

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