Crook with full head of hair steals $600 worth of Rogaine in Pennsylvania

Pat McMahon Contributor
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A man wanted for shoplifting might be going to jail — but at least he’ll have a full head of hair.

Pennsylvania police are searching for a perp who stole $600 worth of Rogaine, even though he didn’t seem to suffer from male-pattern baldness.

He might look like he has a full head of hair, but police say this shoplifting suspect heisted $600 worth of Rogaine from a supermarket in Ridley Township, Pa., on Saturday.

Cops in Ridley Township say the neatly coiffed crook entered an Acme supermarket after 1 p.m. Saturday, tossed boxes of the anti-balding balm into a grocery basket and dashed out of the store.

A surveillance photo released to the local press shows a man who doesn’t appear to be balding — perhaps a testament to the hair tonic, or a sign the perp wasn’t stealing Rogaine for personal use.

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