Ezra Klein believes everything is peachy keen

Mike Riggs Contributor
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Whatever he’s on (Quaaludes? Klonopin?) Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein sure is skippy about everything. In a graph-heavy post detailing why Republicans shouldn’t even bother running for anything in 2010 because Barack Obama is King of Charts, Klein writes, “the GOP needs the recovery to be too slow and halting to really touch people.” Which will be problematic, seeing as the difficulties facing normal Americans are as of this moment, illusory:

But though the country may like Keynesian economics in practice, they don’t like it in theory. Government deficits, particularly with the backdrop of the bailout and the sense that normal Americans are still tightening their belts, are unpopular. The Obama administration’s hope is that the other graphs on this page keep heading in the right direction, and with the economy feeling better, the deficit recedes as an issue.

God, where did we get that “sense” from? That things are only going to get worse?

At the behest of Gautham Nagesh, I’ve included a chart for unemployment:

Notice that things didn’t exactly get better in April 09, when stimulus funds hit the street.

Also, here’s Tim Cavanaugh making the under-emphasized point that personal savings rates are down under Obama.