Sestak’s tough fight for Senate seat

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WASHINGTON – The young aide tasked with scheduling Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania pokes her head into his inner office on Capitol Hill.

“Caroline, give me two minutes,” Sestak says. He’s multitasking. As Caroline Troein shuts the door, he adds, “You’re great.” Sestak resumes talking with Kurt Zwikl of the Schuylkill River Heritage Area, which needs money.

Sestak has 48 hours of things he needs to do in each 24-hour period as he tends to his job in the U.S. House while running for the U.S. Senate against the longest-serving senator in Pennsylvania’s history.

Sestak never stops thinking, never stops working, and never stops talking. He’ll accept any interview request, from anywhere in the world. He’ll drive from Washington to Pittsburgh overnight to squeeze in another campaign event, and then turn around to go back.

He’s trying so hard, and yet his Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter so far has all the traction of a car with four bald tires traversing an icy mountain road.

Full story: Sestak’s tough fight for Senate seat | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/11/2010