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In which I make unfair remarks about Tina Fey’s physical appearance

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I like Tina Fey. I think she’s funny. 30 Rock is often hilarious, and her tenure on “Weekend Update” is among the best in SNL‘s history (especially after Jimmy Fallon finally left). That said, I don’t think she does herself any favors by continuing to impersonate Sarah Palin:

Get it? Because you’re fat and stupid and racist and you need the Democrats to run your life for you. (And isn’t it the Obama administration that keeps talking about “fat cats”? I thought the Tea Partiers were in favor of capitalism and greed and not spreading the wealth and all that?)

Putting aside the openly bitter contempt for an increasingly large percentage of the population of the United States… Tina. Honey. You just ain’t got it. I mean, look:

Dude, you’re like Bizarro Palin. Which is fine; everybody knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But people need to stop insisting on your uncanny resemblance to her. Sorry, no.

And I still want to know what happened to this, from Feb. ’08:

What’s up with that, Tina? You used to be all gung ho about a woman in the White House. Guess it only counts if the woman is a big lefty and isn’t better looking than you.

P.S. Why is SNL so worried about Palin and those dumb Tea Partiers anyway? Everybody knows it’s all just a bunch of hype.

Jim Treacher