Cosmetic surgery a hit in Iraq

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Beauty salons are popping up on the scarred streets of Iraq’s capital and as the violence recedes, more people are looking for cosmetic surgery to give them a lift.

This form of aesthetic surgery came about as a branch of restorative and reconstructive surgery assisting people with deformities and physiological challenges they were either born with, or that came about due to an accident. Plastic surgery has evolved into a highly practiced branch of medicine to help people achieve the aesthetics they are looking for. Whether it’s to create double eyelids, fix a crooked nose with rhinoplasty or corrective ear surgery/otoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction of certain body parts like liposuction.

Noor Aziz, 26, never much cared for her nose. “When I’m quiet I don’t have a problem with my face,” she says, “but when I smile, I feel like my face isn’t pretty – so that’s how I decided.”

At 15, she got her first nose job — one she believes was botched. So she’s going under the knife again. To her, it’s nothing out of the ordinary even for an Iraqi.

“The Internet, video clips, television – we see that those who get surgeries done, they look prettier,” insists Noor, “and that encourages us and gives us an incentive to get cosmetic surgery.”

An increasing number of Iraqis are electing to undergo cosmetic surgery for one simple reason — because they can.

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