Backwards Obama and the nation his actions risk

Heather Bachman Contributor
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Well at least now we see a pattern.

It seems whatever the correct thing to do is, Obama does just the opposite. While we are in a time of international war, he spits in our allies’ faces. We are in a recession and he adds more taxes to the American’s already full tab. No matter what common sense may be, Obama takes the back way the wrong way; and its risk to our nation is increasing.

Although the response to our allies is horrific, the most recent objective has been even more astounding. Before it is explained, allow one fact to be raised first: We are in a war for our lives every day. The waters that once protected us are now one of the many avenues that have been used by our enemies and as days pass and technology begins to fall into their laps, we are more at risk.

Now, the logical response of this would be to stay ready. To be prepared for anything through consistent updates, strongly worded and acted upon promises of response and watchdog tactics of governmental objectives so not one action, dollar or factor assists our enemy in every way. Despite the major enemies being overseas, their ability to can have them to us in no time; we need to be ready to respond with whatever is handed to us and to show that strong hand consistently.

Obama’s reaction, as said before, is always the wrong way. He actually publicly announces America will lead an effort to decrease our nuclear forces. I will give you a moment to read that over. In a time of war, when a certain robe clad man who calls himself Bin Laden comes out of the woodwork every day to remind us we are at risk for responding to 9/11 the way we have among other things, we are going to reduce our weapons and not only that announce it and spend money we do not have on a summit to see if other nations will follow.

You could just imagine what it must be like to be a fly on the wall of a terrorist’s cave as they watch news of this recent announcement. How the grins must come across their faces as they see the land of infidels actually announce a reduction in their military strength; because, being a time of technology, which is exactly what this is. Now we are going to reduce the highest level of weapons we have. Weapons we have spent millions of hours and billions of dollars on in order to both protect and defend our nation.

Even in a time of peace, lessening protection is unheard of. The fact that some people may have forgotten is that we have these weapons not for the sake of others but for our sake first; not only for our safety, but also our strength as a nation. We are not in a world where borders of any kind result in full protection and therefore other avenues of must be available.

Bottom line: Obama’s recent inaction to defend our nation would make our Founding Fathers shudder in fear. We are not in a world where “Weapons Reduction” cannot go into our vocabulary. To summarize, Obama is making America weaker and more a joke than the incredible nation it has always been.

Heather Bachman is a political commentator and broadcaster and a New Jersey native. More information can be found at HeatherBachman.com.