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I’m not seeing any reports of arrests or property damage at yesterday’s Tea Parties

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That can’t be right. They’re a bunch of violent maniacs! Why, if you listen to Rachel Maddow — who does not look like a dude, no matter how much she insists she does — you should very concerned about these demented Tea Party savages:

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“That’s not to say the next Timothy McVeigh is out there… but I’m mentioning him in the same breath with these other guys anyway.”

Well, maybe these Tea Party wackjobs are just biding their time. They wouldn’t strike while everybody’s looking at them, right? I’m sure the wave of terrifying right-wing anti-government violence will start any minute now.

And if it doesn’t, we’ll just pretend we never said it and find something else to tag them with. That is how this works.

P.S. If you’re still not outraged by these scary scary people, HuffPo’s got “the most shocking Tea Party signs.” OMG, that one old guy said “You keep the ‘Change'”! And that other dude said “Don’t Tread on Me”! And that guy saying “Cut Spending & Taxes Now” has a long white beard. Somebody please hold me!

Jim Treacher