How is Ashley Dupré like The Terminator?

Jim Treacher | Blogger

They’re both famous for having a governor in them.

Dupré graces of the cover of the May 2010 Playboy, and you can read their interview with her here (NSFW pic and video). You might think that just because she used to be a hooker, she must be vacuous and delusional. Well, guess what?

“Some people call me the girl who brought down the governor of New York, but in reality he brought me down.”

“I watched my dreams of a singing career flash before my eyes. I saw the hurt in his wife’s eyes. I felt as if I had jumped off a building. I couldn’t breathe. I was dead.”

“You have to be emotionally disconnected. No one says, ‘Hey, when I grow up I want to be an escort.’ People succeed in life because they have dreams and goals. That line of work looks to be the easy way out, but it’s not, because you’re sacrificing your brain and your identity. It’s emotionally damaging.”

You know what heals that emotional damage, though? Getting paid a buttload of money to take your clothes off in front of a camera.

So now Eliot Spitzer is an MSNBC host whose former fling is in Playboy. Top that, Keith!

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