Irritating, moronic or both?

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I hate it when Progressives say “I know what Tea Party people are against, but I never hear them say what they are for.” I know many Progressives have a hard time formulating thoughts of their own so let me help some of you. That’s what Tea Party attendees do, we help our neighbor whether we agree with him or not.

Try really, really hard to follow this:

If I am against over spending, I am for fiscal responsibility.

If I am against being over taxed, I am for smaller taxes.

If I am against pork, I am for earning the money not grifting it.

If I am against corruption, I am for obeying laws.

If I am against dereliction of duty, I am for oversight.

If I am against a large deficit, I am for paying my debts and being responsible with money.

If I am against large, bloated government, I am for smaller, trimmed down government.

See, it’s really not that hard, it requires no great epiphany nor lexicon. It’s pretty much just common sense, which is probably why you don’t understand us nor our motives.

Common sense is the polar opposite of Progressive group think.

Try and stay with me to recap: Saying I am against one thing usually suggests I am for its opposite. Understand?  Want a cookie?