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Here’s what you knee to know

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The knee has been doing pretty well this week:

Warning: Kinda gross.

Here it is right before my physical therapy this morning.

I was able to bend it to 115 degrees during physical therapy today. That’s the farthest so far. I rode the stationary bike, pushing and pulling with the right leg only, and was able to pedal about 15 times a minute for 5 minutes. That’s new too. Seems to be hurting less, and it’s definitely more flexible.

The scarring is slowly healing, thanks to Mederma and that blue tape.

The other day I took the Metro to work and back by myself. It was about 50 minutes each way, most of it walking time, and I was completely exhausted. But I proved I can do it.

In conclusion, I’ll just link to this and ask you: Sound familiar?

P.S. How could I forget? My knee has its own Facebook page.

Jim Treacher