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Archie Comics introduces first gay character

Archie Comics announced Thursday that in an issue out Sept. 1, the long-running comic will introduce its first “openly gay” character, Kevin Keller.

The strapping blond will defeat Jughead in a burger eating contest, win the affection of Veronica and wrestle over how to gently rebuff her flirtations.

It’s about time. If anything has kept more people from reading Archie comics, it’s been the absence of a gay character. Gay guys are like, “Oh my gawd, I would so read that Archie comic right now, but what’s in it for me?” Now there’ll be a character who says he’s gay even though he never has sex with other dudes because it’s an Archie comic.

If you’re going to introduce a gay character, don’t you sort of need to introduce two gay characters? Are you just going to make him go “Yuck!” every time Betty and Veronica chase after him? Or are we going to find out something about Jughead that we’ve only suspected all these years?

Jim Treacher