30 jobs that pay $30 an hour

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Imagine someone walking up to you at the top of every hour and handing you a $20 bill. You’d be earning approximately the same amount of money that the average American does. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean for hourly wages is $20.44.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice to earn more than the average? Not that a $20.44/hour gig is anything to sneeze at, but a bigger paycheck is never a bad thing. At least it’s fun to daydream about having more money in your checking account. That’s why we play the lottery, after all.

We’ve put together a list of jobs that pay at least $10 more than the national average just to give you an idea of how some people are earning their nice paychecks.

Indulge your curious side and take a look at these 30 jobs that pay between $30 and $39 per hour.

1. Post-secondary communications teachers teach courses on different types of communications (journalism and advertising, for example) at universities and colleges.

Hourly pay: $39.96

2. Post-secondary education and library science teachers teach education and library science courses at universities, colleges and other higher education institutions.

Hourly pay: $39.91

3. Purchasing managers make purchases on behalf of organizations in order to get needed supplies at the best rates.

Hourly pay: $39.80

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