Boobquake: Earthquake inducing cleavage [SLIDESHOW]

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Brace yourselves: ‘Boobquake’ has arrived.

If you haven’t already heard, ‘Boobquake’ is a call to action against an Iranian cleric’s claim that scantily clad women are to blame for natural disasters.  In the cleric’s words, certain women “lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”

Founded by Purdue University senior Jennifer McCreight, the goal of ‘Boobquake’ is for women to show some skin today to order to prove that immodest clothing does not cause natural disasters.

McCreight’s assumptions, however, are based on the premise that cleavage doesn’t cause earthquakes. Why is she so sure that she’s right?

If something actually happens today, she’ll look pretty silly. More importantly, scientists will be able to identify the precise cause of so many natural disasters that, though they didn’t know at the time, could have been prevented had certain women just covered up.

We’ve started some of the research, in the name of science, and have come up with some logical explanations for a variety of natural disasters: