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Milk and coffee

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Courtesy of the lovely and talented Mike Riggs:

“They came in the dark, shining bright flashlights while my family was asleep, keeping me from milking my cows, from my family, from breakfast with my family and from our morning devotions, and alarming my children enough so that the first question they asked my wife was, ‘Is Daddy going to jail?’”

That’s how Amish farmer Dan Allgyer described an early morning visit last week from two FDA agents, two U.S. Marshals, and a Pennsylvania state trooper. Apparently, investigating a single farmer for possibly trafficking raw milk across state lines requires a show of force.

Read the whole thing at Eye Street. And then join the talented and lovely Alex Pappas as he looks at the founder of the Coffee Party:

Annabel Park says there’s no coup in the works to remove her as the leader of the Coffee Party movement and replace her with someone more angry, radical and willing to be confrontational with conservatives. But a recent article in Newsweek suggests otherwise.

When a movement becomes large and successful, it tends to break up into various factions. But there’s no reason it can’t happen to the Coffee Party too!

Jim Treacher