Democrats’ racial strategy

E.W. Jackson Contributor
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Gerry Hudson, Executive Vice President of SEIU, offered the following analysis on how to move the black community from opposing to supporting comprehensive immigration reform. He said in effect that blacks must be convinced that the opposition is racist:

“…[A]nd this is where you get the black workers first, [you tell them that opponents of immigration reform are] …so f—ing rabidly racist, ‘til black people get scared…So, you can organize them quicker…”

Hudson, who is black, has offered is a caricature of black Americans worthy of the Ku Klux Klan. Blacks are stupid, shallow and easily manipulated if you just scare them with charges of racism. White and black liberals apparently believe this caricature, because they persistently use the race card to motivate black voters.

That is why accusing the Tea Party of racism has become a Democrat talking point. The liberal media has made “angry white folks” the theme in almost every story about the Tea Party activists. They want the black community to look only at the issue of race and be afraid, very afraid. Black voters need not question whether spending is out of control, or if forcing people to buy health care is unconstitutional. The highly dubious policies of the Obama administration are lost in the fog of racial accusations.

Democrats are moving farther to the left by the minute. On the other hand, the black church community—the most solid and consistent group of black voters—is fundamentally conservative. Liberals and Democrats were shocked when blacks in California overwhelmingly supported Proposition 8 to ban homosexual marriage. The homosexual community learned in dramatic fashion that black folks do not identify with them. Their church values teach them that homosexuality is morally wrong.

There is also a major disconnect on the issue of abortion. Most blacks oppose it. Most Democrats support it, even though abortion is rooted in the racist and genocidal efforts of Margaret Sanger to dispose of the dark people. Today, in keeping with that mission, nearly 40 percent of abortions are performed on black women. With the release of MAAFA 21—the documentary film on the history of abortion—black Americans are becoming aware of its racist history. They are beginning to ask why Democrats are so religiously committed to a practice, which they believe is evil, and has a disproportionate impact on the black community.

Given the disparity between the values of liberal Democrats and the black electorate, the left must have a way to keep blacks voting against their own values. The strategy is to overwhelm those values with fear of the white racist bogeyman. The message is simple, but sinister: “Put aside the values you learned in church. Don’t let God or Christianity or your Bible determine your vote or political affiliation. You have a much bigger problem—the racist white man. He’s Republican, conservative and he hates your guts. He’s out to get you. He’s everywhere. He appears regularly on FOX News and at Tea Party rallies. And you need us—liberal Democrats—to protect you from him.”

That is the fear mongering perpetrated against the black community. This diabolical strategy has worked because it has the full cooperation of self-appointed, media anointed black civil rights leaders and most members of the Congressional Black Caucus. They dance to the tune of their white liberal puppet masters, and label as “sell-outs” those of us who hold to the historic values of the black community. How ironic. In fact, these so called leaders have sold out the black community in return for their own political and financial benefit. Vote against your values, and we will protect you from the racists. In some circles this would be called a protection racket.

The Democrat Party has become a coalition of virulent anti-Church forces such as the ACLU, abortionists, radical homosexual activists, pornographers, atheists and others. The only traditionally conservative group in that coalition is black Christians. They really don’t belong, but there they remain, captive to people who attack their faith and blaspheme their God. Democrat leaders must finesse this contradiction because they cannot afford to lose black support. Racial demagoguery and patronizing liberal black leaders are a small price to keep black voters in the “D” column.

Political analysts say that if Barack Obama had won only 80 percent of the black vote instead of 95 percent, he would have lost the election. The loss of a significant percentage of the black vote would have a devastating impact on the Democrat Party’s ability to gain and hold power.

They must be sure that black voters ignore their conservative Christian values and vote their racial fears. Hence they must demonize the Tea Party, the Republican Party and conservatives in general as “racists without the hoods.” Black Americans like me, who have thrown off the chains of liberal orthodoxy, are labeled sell-outs, traitors and much worse.

When Democrats call for civil discourse, listen closely. You will hear them snicker under their breath. As Gerry Hudson showed, they are the poster children for uncivil discourse. It is time to pull the hoods off liberals who use racial division to keep themselves in power and keep black people under their thumb.

E.W. Jackson is President of STAND AMERICA PAC and STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) www.standamerica.us. He is also Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, www.exodusfaithministries.org; and national radio commentator for Radio America and USA Radio Network.